I’m Sue Kaltenbach, the photographer half of Skalte Images. My husband, Tom Morrison, transferred his exacting nuclear engineering genius to become the master printer and all-things-tech half of Skalte Images. You’ll find us with our grown daughters and their families, hiking in the Colorado Front Range (we completed our first 14er this summer, making us officially ‘mountaineers’, so I hear…), and enjoying each other’s dry humor.

My first career was in critical care medicine - I ran respirators in open heart, transplant, and burn units, and performed CPR every day. As I worked with patients in life-changing situations, family members would share their stories with me. I observed the dynamics, relationships, and glue that defined those individuals and families. I took this sensitivity and curiosity to the next level when I decided to explore such rich, complex relationships and stories via portraiture.

I’m deeply indebted to several mentors who taught, inspired, and influenced my work. Among them are Tim and Bev Walden (waldensphotography.com), Ted Grant (tedgrantphoto.com), and my large format and Zone System teacher and mentor Bruce McGarvey. Especially, thanks to my dad, Howard ‘Skip’ Kaltenbach, from whom I inherited the love of photography.