Well, THAT was fun! A location session with Wild West re-enactors...

Some weeks ago I told a few friends I am concentrating my photography to people 50 and over. One of those friends, Jim Myers, leads a group of Wild West re-enactors called The Park County Regulators. Since he promises he’s over 50 we decided it would be cool to do a photo session of him in character. Now, I’m not an action photographer, but Jim wanted to try to get an image of him actually shooting. That wasn’t likely to go down very well with my neighbors next to my studio in Lakewood, so I loaded the studio gear and did a setup in Jim’s garage. I fussed with lights, backdrops, reflectors and lighting ratios while Jim packed five blank rounds. With all the fiddling and finessing I felt a little like Arlo Guthrie and the Group W benchers having fun playing with the pencils, but eventually I was ready and so was Jim.

We spent about an hour playing with different portrait ideas, then came time to try to catch a shooting image. My setup requires a pretty slow shutter speed, so we figured it would be a miracle if we’d be successful, even with five attempts (remember the five blanks.) We were also concerned about smoking up the air in the garage and ruining the shots. Well, we were both gobsmacked when we got it right on the first try! Woohoo! Not bad for a cobbled setup in a garage.

While we were working, another re-enactor, Chad, joined us. Chad’s a character, and has one of the most animated faces you’ll ever find. The chemistry the two guys have while in character is really fun to watch, and it showed in the images we got.

While DEFINITELY not my usual session, this was a fun stretch! If you want to know where you can watch the Regulators in action, you can find their schedule here:

To see more photos from this fun session, you can see them on my Facebook page here: