Based in Evergreen, Colorado, Sue is originally from a small town in Ohio, where she became interested in photography as a child. Learning from a father who prioritized documenting family life through photographs, she has since studied both the art and the technological innovations of photographing and printing, developing her talent and passion through 36 years of photographic experience.

After retiring from a medical career, she found she missed the unique human connection that came with being permitted rare access to emotional and intimate moments in the lives of families other than her own. This background has equipped Sue with the ability to work comfortably and professionally within the emotional spaces of others. It is this mixture of experience and talent that enables her to capture visual representations of complex human relationships in striking simplicity.

Sue is a Certified Professional Photographer and a member Professional Photographers of America, the largest non-profit photography trade group in the world.

Sue is an Affiliate Photographer for Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep (LINK), a non-profit organization which provides free, professional remembrance portraiture to parents who suffer an early infant loss.

Sue’s Art

‘When you photograph people in color you photograph their clothes. When you photograph people in black and white you photograph their souls.” – Ted Grant

Sue started her photography career focusing on landscapes, drawing on the connection between human and land she had experienced in her personal life, growing up in a rural farming community. Her artistic style has since developed to focus on people, showing a deep connection to familial and multi-generational portraiture.

While she is happy to offer color or painted studies based on each client’s individual needs, Sue specializes and prefers to work in black and white. In her experience, she has found the absence of color strips out unnecessary and insignificant distractions, revealing in elegant detail the essence of the people and relationships she photographs.

The Process

When a potential client registers initial interest, Sue contacts them directly for a conversation about the their goals and aims for the session and finished art.

A pre-photo session consultation meeting is then arranged. This is an in-person meeting for which Sue will come to your home and spend time with you and any other family members you wish to include. This is both for your convenience and for Sue to get to know you when you are in your most comfortable environment. The purpose of this meeting is both to establish a personal connection with the client as well as designing the photo session to best suit your individual needs. This also allows Sue and the client to view and discuss the space in which the finished prints will be hung, and how that may influence the


The photo session will take place at Sue’s studio located in Evergreen, Colorado.

After the photo session, a proofing appointment will be arranged at the studio. At this meeting the client chooses the images they wish to have printed.

All art is hand-printed by Sue and her Master Printer, Tom Morrison, or under their direct supervision.

The finished pieces are then hand delivered to you by Sue at your home.

The Signature Collection

While Sue works with each client individually and will entertain any possible printing arrangement as per their needs, below is a list of the most popular products:

  • Fine art, archival and legacy wall portraits (example)
  • Portfolio presentation boxes (example)
  • Luxe folio with two prints (example)
  • Gift presentation box with 3 loose prints (example)
  • Mounted canvas (color only) (example)
  • Prints up to 30×40

Other print products are available on an individual basis to meet the client’s needs.